Conti and batch heat treatment plants for wire industry

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Different heat treatment processes are available for different types of steel wire as a function of steel grade, process step and metallurgical requirements on the final product. Depending on the respective production requirements, a great variety of alternative furnace plant designs is available which are all included in the product range of Tenova’s furnace manufacturers.    

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In general, we distinguish continuously and batch-wise operating heat treatment plants. The respective process-technological and plant-specific particularities of continuous rotary plate furnaces, continuous roller hearth furnaces, semi conti Short Time Cycle roller hearth furnace as well as batch Bell-type annealing furnaces and batch chamber furnaces are explained in this report. The most suitable furnace type can only be selected upon analysis of the customer’s individual needs. Furnace manufacturers offering all of these furnace types may give valuable and helpful objective advice.


Christian Hautkappe, Dr. Peter Wendt, Erik König, Friedrich Gerwin, Tenova LOI Thermprocess
Marcello Tomolillo, Tenova Italimpianti