Advances in wire drawing process by theoretical and numerical analysis

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Antonio Zompì, Raffaello Levi
Production of small gauge copper wire by multipass drawing is a process still offering ample room for improvements, particularly in terms of defect prevention and control. Description of the plastic deformation process and related phenomena owes much to a number of seminal contributions, enabling mapping safe operating conditions given some assumptions. Further work on process induced damage either on surface or along wire axis did throw additional light on the issue, by introducing improved defect growth criteria capable of explaining observed effects, consistent with numerical simulation incorporating specific material properties. A number of process parameters and material properties, inclusive of temperature and time dependent terms, may not be dealt with as independent factors, therefore both their single and combined effects must be taken into account if meaningful results are to be derived. A numerical and experimental investigation dealing with small gauge copper wire drawing process is presented, and results are discussed in terms of state of art knowledge as updated in terms of recent investigations, indicating viable options for process improvement in the constant quest for better product quality.