Flange upsetting of tubular components

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The present paper analyses a multi-stage cold forging process focusing on the final upsetting stage design regarding to annular fold formation. It has been shown, that annular folding occurs at large upsetting heights (hs/ØDo) hitherto known as uncritical if strain hardening of semi-finished tubular part is considered.

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A short overview of the existing failure mechanisms during flange upsetting of tubular parts will be given in this paper and the numerical prediction of fold of 1st and 2nd-order will be discussed in more detail using a newly developed fold criterion. Experimental results of formation of fold of 1st and 2nd-order gained by used manufacturing sequences are shown which enlarge working limit diagram of double clamped upsetting of tubular components according to Dieterle (1975) significantly.


Mathias Liewald, Thorben Schiemann
Institute for Metal Forming Technology, University of Stuttgart,Holzgartenstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany