Introduction of a new analysis method of the lubricant film to investigate an indirect workpiece lubrication

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Cold forging is a material and cost efficient process. However, common lubrication systems are often harmful for the environment. Thus, many new ecological approaches exist. Promising are the single layer lubricants, which until now are applied like the common two layer systems. In order to improve their applicability, it is essential for the development of new concepts to gain information about the distribution of the lubricant film. 

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Consequently, this paper introduces the analysis of the lubricant film with UV indicators in the lubricant. With this method, the lubricant on the tools can be analyzed and it enables the introduction of an indirect lubrication of the workpieces with a tool lubrication. This approach allows a selective lubricant distribution and a significant improvement of the process chain.

Christoph Müller, Deniz Yalcin, Peter Groche
Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines, Technische Universität Darmstadt